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Armed with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, certification in ability testing, over 30 years experience working in higher education administration, teaching graduate psychology courses, and consulting with individuals and organizations on career development, all while sloshing through life with ADHD, Patricia Lloyd, author, hands you ADHD traits reframed to reflect the gifts they really are. ADHD is celebrated here in ADHD Reframed! Totally Crush Life & Career with Your ADHD Powered Fast Brain!

Currently, she lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with Tom, her husband, Rea-the-ballerina and in-house social media agent, and Ringo Starr, the pet rabbit, along with the ashes of beloved pets Max, Callie, Fluffy, Simon, Snickerdoodle, and another one, whose name has been forgotten, sprinkled all over the backyard.

Smashwords Interview

Describe your desk
If you have an organized desk, don’t even read this. I live at my desk. The description of my desk is only for people who are really bad at desk organization. This is for those who understand desk clutter is simply a reflection of hopeless disorganization and a chronic inability to throw anything away that verges on hoarding. When I do manage desk organization, then I have to spend weeks trying to find things. Just not worth the effort to get organized. For ADHDers, out-of -sight means out-of-mind, so I need everything in front of me to remember what needs doing. And desk organizers ... I don't like them. They get in the way of all the stacks of stuff. I save a lot of money because I don't buy them. I have read lots of books on getting organized. So far ... hasn't helped. But I've just had a great idea. Get another desk. Side-by-side desks. Spread out the clutter so it doesn't look so cluttered. Brilliant! I'll let you know how it works.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Girl Interrupted. One of the first stories I ever wrote and it is included in my book, ADHD Reframed! Totally Crush Life & Career with an ADHD Fast Brain. Girl Interrupted is about the time I was majorly rejected in high school. I know you were too, but mine is worse. I was very well qualified and super focused on following a passion for handling public relations as Social Chair of the student council. But I was unfairly denied the opportunity by a prejudiced, unthinking teacher who shouldn't have been allowed within 5280 feet of adolescents. We can all be unthinking at times, of course. We knock others down and get knocked down ourselves. This story tells how difficult it is for someone with an ADHD inspired super focus to get up again after being interrupted by a knockdown. Emerging from an interrupted ADHD inspired super focus is difficult. But something as simple as being aware that super focus creates blindness to other opportunities can guide recovery and shape refocusing.
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ADHD Reframed! Totally Crush Life & Career with Your ADHD Powered Fast Brain
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You’d think they would be polite enough not to slander our reputations or at least wait until we all had jobs before talking about the way we are easily distracted and impulsive. But the American Psy. Assn. is not known for their good manners or positive labels. ADHD Reframed changes that! Negative ADHD trait labels are reframed into the strengths they really are and linked to careers at ONET

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