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PHOENICIAN BOOKS is a publishing company specializing in "old school" style "scifi" and focused on publishing stories that are on the fringe of hard science but not quite crossing the blurry line into fantasy genre.

The blurry line hovers around ghost stories and time travel which are, technically, fantasy but historically have fallen into the scifi arena and almost definitely will be published by PHOENICIAN BOOKS. Think of stories you saw on the original Twilight Zone or the new Fringe television shows and that's what we'll be publishing.

The @phoenicianbooks Twitter account is "helmed" by Friday Baldwin (our first author). She's been tweeting about her new release, CONDITIONED RESPONSE (now available here on Smashwords) and in August, 2012, the Phoenician Series short novella WHEN MINDS COLLIDE (priced at FREE, get a copy now!) Find out more about "Friday" on her author page:

For more information about Phoenician Books in general or the services we plan to offer, please query (plain text, no attachments)


If you're an author and interested in being considered for publication by Phoenician Books, please send a query email message (500-1000 words, plain text in the body of the message, no attachments) to and describe your writing, now and as you see it in the future.

If you have specific books you'd like to have published by Phoenician Books, please describe each in one paragraph (25-50 words). If you are able to assist in your own marketing, please mention your abilities in the query (the more you can do, the better for everyone but it's okay to say you have no marketing skills at all; just be open and honest up front).

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