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  • Collateral Trade on April 21, 2012

    Not sure what order this title is in the series. I am thinking that the larger story arc would make more sense if it were read in the proper order. As for the main focus of this title, the fantasy of this story is having two men to supposedly "take care of everything", but we earth girls are the independent sort and both sides must learn the fine art of compromise and to think outside their preconceived notions, thanks for the HEA. -SAB
  • Bred for Succession: A Story of Forced Impregnation and Bondage on June 23, 2012

    Not much interaction between Lola and her prince beyond the breeding bench until after she is pregnant. The 3 big rules of bondage are Consentual,Safe, and Sane. That is why a safe-word is agreed upon. I suppose what the author is going for is the "actions speak louder than words angle?" as the only people who physically hurt her are the servants, on the other hand, as their boss, he can tell them not to so unless that too, was a test. This story reminded me of an erotic version of an Outer Limits episode. Unsettling, and worth reading more than once.