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  • Lady Sophie's Midnight Seduction on Sep. 21, 2011

    A story of deep hidden desires with steady, progressive, action building from fantasy and stimulating need, to explosive submissiveness and fulfillment. At first I read the words slowly until the escalating excitement unfolding changed from reading words to having a sensation of being a part of the story. I could almost taste her lips, smell her fragrance and see her movements as this unexpected lover slowly but firmly indulged in her innocence. Especially intriguing was how she initially fought his advances, yet melted like butter when he, almost in a gentleman-like moment, realized that she was a real lady with no such experience. At that point I began to wonder if he was a true gentleman and would not be so bold. But the moment had to come to pass as they both seemed to enter another world where only the two of them existed; a world where two people sometimes find each other in the most unusual and uncontrollable circumstances. This story is a must read for anyone with a passionate nature. It's an incredible story.