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Georgi Abbott lives in the interior of British Columbia, Canada with her husband (Neil), their Min Pin dog (Neeka) and of course, Pickles the African Grey parrot.

They all enjoy the great outdoors and spend every spare moment working on their yard and wild bird habitat. They have a small trout pond, waterfall, vegetable gardens, fruit trees and Pickles has an outdoor aviary so that he can join everyone outside and talk to the neighbors.

Georgi takes Pickles out and around town, on walks and hikes around the lake, in his special birdie back pack cage. Pickles loves getting out like this and meeting new people but he especially loves embarrassing Georgi in public with his different noises and chatter.

Pickles is free to go in and out of his cage at all times, he goes for walks in a birdie backpack and accompanies Georgi at book signings and presentations. He has a very large vocabulary, he's a character and very entertaining.

Georgi has four books published in both paper book and ebook ...

- Pickles The Parrot: A Humorous Look at Life With an African Grey
- Pickles The Parrot Returns: My Continued Adventures With a Birdbrain
- Pickles The Parrot Speaks: On Life, The Universe, And Sesame Snaps
- Fifty Shades of African Grey: Pickles the Parrot Dominates Life

She also writes humorous short stories about Pickles for Good Bird Magazine and periodically writes articles on Nature and Conservation.

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Smashwords book reviews by Georgi Abbott

  • The Trials of Huckleberry Finn: Adventures with Sam Clemens on April 06, 2011

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As a fan of Mark Twain and a descendent of Sam Clemens, I really got caught up in this book. Mr Hoopes tells a very clever and humorous story and leaves me wanting more.
  • Boob Tube (A Soap Opera Novel) on June 02, 2011
    (no rating)
    Books like this aren't usually my cup of tea but i found myself really enjoying it. I don't watch soap operas yet i found it fascinating to read about what goes on behind the scenes. As i understand, Lesleyanne was a soap opera reporter so she would certainly know. Very enjoyable read.
  • Ziggy Two Step - Courier Extraordinaire on Sep. 19, 2011
    (no rating)
    Lol! Poor Ziggy. This is a great little story and very well written. Love the cover pic.
  • A Grave Too Small on Oct. 16, 2012
    (no rating)
    A nice light read and it was interesting to read about areas i'm familiar with as i grew up in the Vancouver area.
  • Flowers From A Different Summer on Oct. 16, 2012

    Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Extremely well written, awesome twists and turns and hard to put down. I will definitely be reading more of this author's books.
  • Simple ... on Jan. 27, 2013
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    This is an a superb story and difficult to put down. It is written in simple, but clever, language as told by a young, uneducated backwoods girl who is wise beyond her years. She is caught somewhere between terror and love for her family and their way of life. I truly enjoyed this book.
  • Taking Off on May 24, 2013

    Ty, you have quite the way with words and story telling. I truly enjoyed reading about your travel adventures and chuckled out loud often. Cleverly writing and great read. I see you are a Clemens and it seems apparent in your writing that you must be related to Mark Twain. I am also a Clemens (maiden name)and am a great, great, great (lost count of how many greats) niece of his. Feel free to contact me if you like and please, keep up the writing.
  • Voices and Visions: A Spiritual Journey to God on Sep. 21, 2013

    Ms Yuille’s writing flowed and I found myself absorbed in her life story from the very first page. I am not a religious person but I loved following her thought processes as she bared her soul in her struggle to accept a new and strange (to her) spiritual life. I had a few chuckles and I shed a few tears. I only read in bed at night before going to sleep but I found myself thinking about Ms Yuille’s book all through the day and anticipating bedtime. This is a lovely book, you won’t be disappointed.
  • The Saga of Peabody and Other True Life Adventures on Feb. 07, 2014

    I loved this book and all the little nature stories. If you love wildlife and nature, you'll totally enjoy reading this. I can certainly relate to their way of life and, like her, i (and husband) have spent so much time observing animal life around me - right down to the individual personalities of rainbow trout and fun loving dragonflies. Her stories are heartwarming and even educational. A must read. (You should consider updating your Facebook page now and then, Sherry.)
  • Heywood Fetcher on March 03, 2015

    An amusing, easy read. I especially enjoyed the boyhood stories. Very good writing and storytelling. Would definitely read more of W.H. Harrod.
  • Streams Of Yesterday on April 04, 2015

    Will Clayton thinks of himself as a nomad and tries to leave a small town after doing some seasonal work but is talked into staying to manage and turn around a failing diner. Other people in town also start approaching him for help in other matters so Will reluctantly gets involved and eventually starts to think that maybe he could settle down in a place like this. There is some good humour, clever writing and interesting political views all wrapped up into a great story. I really like this writer.