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in a long term relationship - really great guy!!

one daughter - she's pretty cool
5 grandchildren -
14 yr old young lady
13 yr old young man
9 yr old boy
5 yr old girl
1 yr old toddler girl


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  • Shared Emptiness on June 06, 2011

    A story of a family whose life seems pretty normal until tragedy strikes the one member of the family who has seemed to always keep them all together. The struggle the family goes through with their own guilt, the church, their every day living, which has changed so dramatically overnight. Every one has their own way of handling it, or at least they think they do, until things seems to get worse instead of better. That's when things seem to start crumbling piece by piece. One by one, you get to know each member and friend involved and learn their secrets, their problems, their thoughts. the priests do not agree and the church becomes very involved, not necessarily in a good way. The author has done a fabulous job creating his characters and brings their personalites together and yet apart. He shows us how each one of them has crutches and how they use them to try to 'deal with the situation'. He gives you an ending you will not expect, coming out of left field as the story closes but yet seems so right and fitting so when you close the book, you can put your hand on it and say "This book was great". It was my first book by John Brinling, but it will not be my last.