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Born in Haiti and educated in Haiti’s premiere engineering school, Pierre S. Freeman dropped out before he obtained a degree and came to America, dazzled by the prosperity and happiness offered him by a religious cult. Twenty-four years later, poor and emotionally imbalanced, he woke up, finding himself to be the sad survivor of a global Mind Control cult. As part of his healing process, he has spent a number of years exposing the methods deployed by the cult, which held him in bondage for so much of his life. To do this, he has authored two books, The Prisoner of San Jose and AMORC Unmasked, as well as blogs about his twenty-four years of Mind Control slavery. In these works, he has exhaustively matched the rhetoric, the exercises and the cult protocol with specific techniques of Mind Control. Whereas he believes that knowledge of Mind Control is an important key to ending cult bondage, he has added the healing effects of laugher to the bundle of remedies for this type of Mind Control. Freeman about the famous case of author/journalist, Norman Cousins, who healed himself by watching Marx brothers films, who made “the joyous discovery that ten minutes of genuine belly laughter had an anesthetic effect and would give me at least two hours of pain-free sleep.” Says Freeman, “For this reason, I thought that I should add healing to my repertory of techniques to escape the misery of cult hypnotic bondage.” As Freeman says about his new book, Mind Slaves of the Rosikrucian Collectorum Part 1 Mayhem on the Astral Highway, “I have broadened my attack on Mind Control cults which entailed bringing in many different elements and practices. Now my concern is not whether or not I can help liberate my readers from cults, but whether I will kill them with laughter prior to them being able to discern the lighter side of their situation. If they can survive my book, then maybe they will have two hours of clarity to decide if they want to stay or run for the hills and escape to freedom.”

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