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  • Comfort Food on May 30, 2010

    Captivating. Haunting. Kitty Thomas writes a page turning story that can't be put down until the last word is read. Comfort Food exquisitely portrays the sensory overload we perceive to be a sensory deprivation and the sensory deprivation that is truly our need to exist in society. Five stars and two thumbs up, I would definitely recommend to any and all who enjoy a good book.
  • Tender Mercies on June 02, 2011

    Fantasies are the physical dreams of our subconscious, acted out in the safety of our minds for pleasure. Sometimes the fun extends into the bedroom and sometimes beyond, into our lifestyles, and the label ‘kinky’ is slapped across our name. Some kink is as simple as a little dirty talk or a slight hair tug, but some goes so far deep in the bone that nothing short of 24/7 play will assuage the unspoken inner voice. Kitty Thomas has a skill of writing this inner voice and pulling forth the lives of her characters from the reader’s own subconscious mind and in her third offering, "Tender Mercies", she does not disappoint. "Tender Mercies" follows Grace Warner on her journey to fulfill her inner desire to be a 24/7 submissive. Her search for "something real" leads to a hard twist of fate and a harsh reality, both of which threaten to break her soul. She quickly finds herself at the mercy of a heartless man with no hope of escape. Ms. Thomas creates no illusions and means every word of her disclaimer; this human-slave tale is truly dark erotica as it is meant to be: unforgiving and real. While "Tender Mercies" drags into the light the sadistic side of some men, it also pulls together the warmer side of life. At its core, "Tender Mercies" is a love story. Romantics at heart, like me, will fall in love with the book from the very beginning. Ms. Thomas opens with a prologue that brought tears to my eyes, and with each reading, the tears return. As the story unfolds, the grip of the words, the emotions of the characters, pulls harder and stronger against heart strings until the reader is completely enmeshed. Readers will learn along with Grace that being owned completely is not like a fantasy, not every man is what he appears, and desires should be fulfilled with care. I was enthralled and could not put my Kindle down; this is every bit the page-turning addictive story that I have come to expect from Ms. Thomas and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting reality from their fiction.
  • The Auction on July 11, 2011

    Many times, short stories of the erotic nature are quick reads for pure entertainment. They are quick, to the point, and often full of fluff between sex scenes, if there is a break once the action starts. When it comes to science fiction and fantasy shorts, all the great concepts are recycled and regurgitated with new character names and faces. Many authors attempt to blend these genres and the results tend to lean toward unrealistic story lines or horror-filled tales. With The Auction, Kitty Thomas condenses her writing style into novella format and takes the challenge to combine erotic writing, science fiction, and fantasy. The end result is a success, completely surpassing the stereotypical genre mix. The Auction even goes a bit further, weaving in a theme of finding and accepting oneself. Set in the far future in a lost colony, Ms. Thomas introduces readers to a civilization, secluded among wild creatures and monsters, that has lost all advanced technology. The colony begins anew, restructuring from books and remnant technology, and creating a super patriarchal society in which women are completely relieved of all freedoms and girls are sold at the age of eighteen to the highest bidder. A peace is kept between the wild world and the colony; the creatures allow the humans to live as they see fit, so long as everyone abides by the rules and remains inside set boundaries. Ms. Thomas explores what happens when an alien breaks this peace, enters the colony, and attends an auction to bid on the women. The Auction follows Annabelle Walker, the first woman with the misfortune to be on the auction block purchased by the alien. Ms. Thomas delves into Belle's thoughts and the reader follows her journey from sold slave to run-away property to a content companion. Belle's experience pushes her beyond her greatest imaginings and forces a self-realization: "No matter where I went, I’d never escape who I was or what I wanted." Ms. Thomas has a skill for pulling readers into her characters and in The Auction, her skill shines. In less than 20k words, Ms. Thomas offers the same page-turning addiction found in her full-length novels. Fans of the strange, the weird, and a good blend of science fiction and fantasy in their erotica will enjoy The Auction.
  • Awakening on Sep. 18, 2011

    How many of us watched Disney's "The Little Mermaid" and twisted it to our own tale? Or read the original stories and thought they could be done just a little bit differently? Kitty Thomas' Awakening is just that: a new twist on an old favorite. Nerina is a headstrong and willful mermaid, two traits frowned upon in her society. She, like all merfolk, enjoys gazing upon pretty things, but she also enjoys exploring to find those pretty things. Her wayward wanderings get her caught in a fisherman's net and then the trouble begins. Mermaid fin is a delicacy on the dinner table, but Kyros has a plan more sinister than death: he wants to keep her and test a legend; he wants to seduce her and turn her fin into a pair of legs. Ms. Thomas brings Nerina to life just as she does all her leading ladies; deep insight into her mind allows the reader to become her, feel her pain, confusion, disgust, and to understand her behavior in such a dire situation. Her transformation is more than physical and Ms. Thomas offers us a window seat to watch and experience the shift in Nerina's mentality as Kyros works his male magic on his captive. Ms. Kitty has a talent for character depth and portraying the master/slave relationship in its many levels. Awakening is another accomplishment to this fact, even at just over 21k words. It was a quick read, but it was by no means a gloss-over tale. It does, however, falter from her normal dark tales; yes, it is a story of captivity, but it is more of a romantic adult fairy tale than it is of dark erotic fiction. I would recommend this to any fans and readers of the romance genre, and promote this as a Kitty Thomas Beginner-Book for those wanting a taste of Ms. Thomas' writing style without the heavy, more in-depth studies on the master/slave relationship.