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Pipes grew up in a working middle class household in southern New Jersey. His parents have been happily married for 46 years and he has two sisters. His personal life is very real and it has had both its ups and downs. Pipes are self-educated, only finishing the 10th grade, then receiving his GED at age 28. Now, proudly living in Jacksonville, he is truly an animal lover, having two dogs; Gator and Little Man and three cats; Miranda, Callie and Bruster. Everyone can relate to Pipes he is truly blue collar and has a very unique presentation style. How it all started: Pipes interest in Motivation & Self-Improvement started from his own personal need for both.

The first time he attempted to get a mortgage to buy a house he was told he did not qualify. The bankers told Pipes, "Come back when your situation changes". He thought to himself, "How am I supposed to change something that I do not understand?" So he decided to educate himself. He went to the library and began studying self- improvement, budgeting, credit, and financing until he learned enough to manage his finances.

One day he was on a construction site, (while working in the family plumbing business) and someone asked him, "I heard you wrote your own mortgage, can you help me with mine?"

Since that time, Pipes has talked to thousands of people, sharing with them his own personal story and educating them on what he has learned in his own unique way.

Pipes Creed: The focus of his life is to strive to improve every day and to motivate, support, and educate to the best of his abilities any person with whom he comes in contact.

Pipes truly believes 100% that: "It's a WE thing, NOT a ME thing" and that together we can achieve anything!

Pipes Strengths: He is compassionate, has determination and unique communication skills. He is a focused individual who has been able to overcome difficulty through his ability to make sound decisions, thus making him the ultimate motivator.

Pipes Inner Circle (Things He Welcomes): family, friends, health, education, honesty, fun, passion, investing, planning, self-improvement, goals, nature, volunteering, solutions, and making things happen.Pipes Ultimate Repellant (Things He Does Not Let Influence Him): negativity, anger, bad language, excuses, avoidance of problems, not taking responsibility, and bitterness.

Pipes Fun Facts...Favorite Color: Hunter Green. Favorite Meal: Surf & Turf w/apple sauce, mashed potato & broccoli. Hobbies: Tennis, writing poetry, golf, playing the piano, working on his muscle car and traveling. Ambitions: To do his best to introduce his philosophies to everyone and make a difference everyday in helping people realize their goals and dreams. Favorite Sports Teams: All Philadelphia major league teams.

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