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  • I've Been Deader on April 04, 2012

    "I've Been Deader" by Adam Sifre is a zombie apocalypse book. The point of view is from both the zombie and the "breather" point of view. Mostly it is from a zombie named Fred. When Fred turned zombie he retained the ability to think and remember who he is. This book is about Fred going across the county to find his son,Timmy. This book also contains the adventures of the survivors of the zombie plague and how various people use the plague to their advantage. I found it interesting to hear from the zombie point of view. A "thinker" zombie seems to have the same desires as regular "breather" people do. (Except the need for "Braaiinnss....." Fred falls in love with a "breather" woman. He misses and wants to find his son, Timmy. This book has plenty of gross moments. It also has plenty of suspense.
  • Into the Mist: Silver Hand on April 04, 2012

    I got "Into the Mist: Silver Hand" by Steve Finegan from a member giveaway. "Into the Mist: Silver Hand" is about Gabe Wren a thirteen year old boy who loves to sketch and and draw. Gabe is an excellent artist with a lot of imagination. His favorite character to draw is "Corvus" a crow man. At the beginning of the book, Gabe has just moved to new town and is starting a new school. As if dealing with these things was hard enough, Gabe also has a secret. Gabe has a form of epilepsy called TLE. Which was caused by a head injury he received in an accident when he was six years old. Because of his epilepsy he sometimes has auras, where he sees, smells and hears things that are not there. Sometimes his TLE makes him lose his temper and he lashes out at people. When he was at his old school, Gabe got upset in front of his classmates and stated knocking things off the table. Gabe's older brother Sam calls him a "freak" and a "nut-job" because of the way Gabe acts when he has an aura or a mild seizure. To make matters worse, Gabe's mother is extremely overprotective to the point of treating him like a baby. Because of these difficulties, Gabe has never had a friend. Until he meets his new next store neighbor Ellie Yvonne. When Ellie sees his drawings and finds out that Gabe has epilepsy, she is convinced that Gabe is someone special, someone bound for destiny. After making friends with Ellie during a trip to the Brynmor Woods strange things start happening to Gabe. His aura's intensify. Not only does Gabe draw Corvus, he draws the warrior Mabon, The sorcerer Merlyn. The Grayman and Arawn. The Grayman and Arwan are battling King Bran and Merlyn for control of Elfyth. Merlyn believes the young warrior Mabon is Elfyth's only hope to survive. To Gabe, the world in his drawings is real. Gabe feels as if he becomes the character Mabon when he has his aura's. This book can truly be two stories in one. The story of Gabe in his world and the story of Mabon in Elfyth. During the course of the book, Gabe has many challenges in both the his "real" world and in the world of "Elyfth." He has to battle bullies at school in his "real" world. He has an an oath with Ellie to protect the Brymor Woods from being cut down because of a rec center being built. If the Brymor woods gets destroyed, Gabe and Ellie fear the Elfyth could be be destroyed also. The book was sometimes hard to follow, but it is a very interesting read. The author goes into great detail about "Gabe's world" and the world of Elfyth. Gabe is great character that I truly care about. His struggles in life having TLE and how he reacts to them make him very realistic and engaging. The friendship between Ellie and Gabe. the way they interacted with each other was realistic also. I found both Gabe's world and the world of Elfyth full of suspense. The book ended on a cliffhanger and I can say I am excited to read the next book in the series "Into the Mist :Bringer of the Dawn."
  • Dirty Little Angels on July 16, 2012

    Dirty Little Angels by Chris Tulsa is about a young girl named Hailey and the people in her life. Hailey is growing up in New Orleans with her "dysfunctional" family. Hailey's parents are thinking about getting a divorce. Hailey is very close to her older brother Cyrus. Her brother always gets in trouble with the law. Hailey often prays for God to save her family. Hailey in the end has to put things right so her family can be "saved" and be happy again. I thought that Dirty Little Angels was very realistic in its description of life for a poor young girl. I thought the dialogue was raw and real. The characters were believable and memorable. This book proves that (To quote Moses Watkins) "Some people got to suffer before they get saved" Hailey because of her struggles definitely needs a "dirty little angel" What are the angels dirty for? "They have to eat our souls before we can go to Heaven. The dirt's from our souls. It rubs off on their hands and their mouth when they eat it."