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Smashwords book reviews by playt

  • Gavel on June 21, 2011

    "I met a woman on the plane." With one simple sentence, Ian Wynne launches the reader on a top-speed ride through the highest levels of power with more twists, turns and nerve-pricking surprises than a World Rally Championship contender on the death roads of Bolivia. Mr Wynne has taken the foundation of Australian democracy, the Westminster System, and given it a solid shake. He has taken the three elements of democracy -- the politicians, the judiciary and the police -- and melded them into a maze of corruption, of lies and deceit, of power-broking, paedophilia, torture and murder at their foulest. Then, in a master stroke, he brings in the fourth element, the only guardian any democracy has in ensuring the separation of powers and the true freedom of the people, the Fourth Estate, the media. It is a fast-paced story that will hold the readers and keep them turning the pages when they should have turned the lights out hours earlier. It will also have them rethinking political and corporate announcements of recent years, the ones that were strangely at odds with what would have seemed the logical decisions and outcomes at the time. Because Mr Wynne's tale is all the more frightening for its plausibility. It could happen. It could be happening now. Ian Wynne is emerging as a story-teller of world ranking. This is his best work yet. More please, Mr Wynne.