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Smashwords book reviews by PB

  • Crestmont on June 18, 2011

    A very G-Rated, romancy-ish coming of age story of a young adult (21 at the start of the book) with serious confidence issues. The characters of this story have no depth, no history, no future. They just are, at the moment, and they are only if/when needed. They disappear when not needed….even if their story is incomplete. Not a complete “romance” because….seriously….romance entails more than singing together at talent shows, a few conversations and one kiss. It's all very chaste. The story at times seemed disjointed and odd……it’s difficult to put into words but the conversations, situations and resolutions just weren’t quite true to life. Everything was clean and “nice” and good. It would have been nice if someone had done something wrong or bad or rude or inconsiderate or anything but good. This book reads as Christian Fiction with continual mention of church services, hymns and prayers. This isn't a bad thing and explains the goodness and lack of badness of the characters.