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  • Touching Madness on July 31, 2012

    As I read this book, I had to constantly remind myself "But you don't like this genre." A trusted source pointed me to this story, and I'm so glad I listened to them instead of my "little voice." I found this story to be a real keeper...and I'm picky. When it comes to reading, if something doesn't grab my interest pretty quickly, and keep it, I generally move on. With Touching Madness, the thought of not coming back to it never even occurred to me! I can only reiterate what the reviewers before me have said...the story is not perfect. There are a few things that would benefit from some "polishing." BUT, these issues are overridden by the quality of the development of the main character, the imagination involved, the humor (mostly wonderfully subtle, which makes it even better), and the sensitivity with which the author handles the underlying theme of psychosis. I thoroughly enjoyed the main character, River Madden, and found him, though definitely suffering from schizophrenia, a very lovable, relatable, and endearing young well as innocent and vulnerable. I thought the author hit the mark in developing River's character and showing us multiple facets of his personality: funny, scared, caring, lonely, brave...and actually very smart and witty. I will be waiting for the sequel, and I suspect that, from this author, things will only get better and better.