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  • The Sowti Squad on Jan. 05, 2011

    In the 1960s, Che Guevara was in the Congo, fomenting revolution; further south, Nelson Mandela was serving a life sentence on Robben Island. The CIA’s attempt to kill one and the South African’s to abduct the other forms the plot of this action adventure novel – The Sowti Squad. Combining brisk pace with detailed and graphic descriptions of savage mercenary warfare, the narrator’s insertion of vignettes of actual history makes the whole novel utterly believable, as do the characters and dialogue. We are taken on a journey spanning America, Cuba, Congo and South Africa as the plot moves from conception through hatching to birth. Unusually in an action thriller, some female characters are as hard and nasty (one is even nastier) as the men, a trait much appreciated by two girl friends of mine who'd read the print version, and who reckon it'll make fascinating reading for women readers. There is, of course, a completely unexpected ending, as the Sowti Squad, whom the reader by now will want to survive, fight for their lives.