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As a young boy, Phillip Macko had difficulty with his speech. From the age of five his mother Dorothy made him recite tongue-twisters as a way of helping him stop stuttering. His mom’s dedication to helping him overcome his early speech impediment helped him to become a well respected presenter on topics of business, time management and sales technique. In recent years Phillip has travelled the world speaking and training salespeople from over 30 countries. He is a writer and a sales trainer and one day aspires to be a motivational speaker. Phillip came from humble backgrounds - growing up in Mineral Ridge, Ohio, and is a self taught businessperson and a self-made man. He worked his way from restaurant management to sales management, and currently holds the position of SVP, Sales at Megatrax Music. In April, 2012, on his 50th birthday, he launched the Second Starters® website ( - a site dedicated to providing resources and creating relationships for those who face career or personal re-creation.

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