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I am professor of English literature. i like to read books and write poems. i like visiting different places.


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Smashwords book reviews by Prof. Pradeep

  • Forbidden Forever on Nov. 05, 2013

    Forbidden Forever is a masterfully written very touching story. From the very beginning of the novel the magnetic quality of Chrisy’s pen binds the reader’s heart and soul. Once I started the novel I could not put it down. The characters speak to the readers. They are full of life. The intelligent use of powerful language never allows the interest in novel go down. The twists and turns and the skilled way to present the happenings makes the work unique. I have loved this work. I recommend it to every one who wants to read a story brimming with life and vitality. The impact of the novel stays long after we close the book. A five star read. Purchase it today.
  • The Art of Magic Realm of the Castles on Feb. 09, 2014

    The Art of Magic Realm of the Castles by Sharon Wheater is a masterpiece of great contemporary relevance. Sharon has a grip over language and knows how to tell a story with dexterity. The novel starts in a dramatic way and this very element remain a part and parcel of the work. The pain, anger, agony and soul searching is not individual but universal. The reader starts relating himself/herself with the events. The characters are lifelike. Element of suspense keeps the interest alive. Nowhere the novel appears to be boring. It has novelty of thought. I usually take many days to complete a novel but this one was so interesting that I completed it in one sitting. I do not wish to discuss the story in my review because I want you to read it yourself and enjoy. If you are looking for a real good work of literature....your search ends here. GET IT NOW.
  • Brain Waves on Feb. 09, 2014

    Brain Waves beautifully explores events of CoDee who is a brain damaged young man. Cherime MacFarlane has presented him as a person with golden heart. He is sensitive, loveable and full of life. His affinity with cat and the way both help each other in the fight of existence makes this work unique. It is a work with immense contemporary importance. Situations and characters are portrayed with deftness. I feel that the storyline is unique and at once attracts the interest. The book remains with you for a long time even after you finish it. I recommend it to all my friends and the people who wish to read a good work of literature.
  • The Other Side (Literary Fiction) on Feb. 09, 2014

    The Other Side has a well written plot. 28 year old Lily Hicks is the true representative of modern age. Philosophic and religious questions form the nucleus of this work. The characters are lifelike and one can easily relate with them. It appears the action is happening before your eyes. A well constructed beginning, middle and end makes the story special. Language is gripping and engages the reader's interest in the story. All the strings are beautifully placed. I enjoyed this very much and recommend it to all my friends.
  • Gray Matters on Feb. 09, 2014

    'Gray Matters' explores father -daughter relationship in the backdrop of Alaska. The deft and delicate treatment of conflict between freedom and responsibility makes this work very -very special. Cherime MacFarlane knows very well how to present a fictional character as very real and lifelike. The characters speak to you. The twists and turns in the story does not let you lose interest. Conflict between internal and external nature is portrayed with mastery. Words flow naturally. It is a novella of ideas. It appears the writer has lived each and every moment. Through these characters she has made herself immortal. One just fells in love with the characters. I recommend this book to all those who wish to read a book that presents a beautiful mixture of reality and fiction. A FIVE STAR READ.
  • West Side Girl & Other Poems on Feb. 09, 2014

    West side Girl and other poems is one of the best collection of poems I have read in recent years. The themes cover personal as well as universal issues. The reader feels an affinity with the poems because of their universal appeal. I have read each poem carefully and enjoyed the thought and way of expressing that thought. Loftiness of thought dominates the collection. Day to day experiences, commercial world,soul searching and a journey from darkness to light is what i like the most about this collection. I recommend it for every poetry lover. JUST GET IT NOW AND ENJOY.