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Smashwords book reviews by Janet Cryer

  • Poetry for the Grown and Sexy on July 29, 2012

    A book one can't put down... The book Poetry for the Grown and Sexy is a captivating book that makes the reader feel as though they are the one the poet is referencing in the sexxxy love poems. The reader hopes she isn't the one that could ever break the poets heart as he has captured hers through linguistic mind play. If for no other reason than the feel completely sexy during and after the read, one should buy this book because it is written from the soul...
  • After She Leaves- A Healing Guide for the Suddenly Single Male on Sep. 25, 2012

    After reading this book, I promised I would write review that was unbiased as the book is more geared to the direction of the male to read. The book was well thought. Had proper steps and formatting to assist ones that read it. Now with that being said, the author has an amazing that can still capture the female audience. Reason said is because if a female is dating a male that has been cheated on frequently, the book can describe the emotions that their man recently went through. This can potentially increase the bond between the two.