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Smashwords book reviews by portlandcars

  • Trapped by Love: A Novelette on July 20, 2010

    I found this novelette to be a quite entertaining read, that is also has a surprisingly emotional depth to it. The overall premise of the story is about a boss and a secretary getting stuck in the elevator after work one night. Although, the entire story takes place in the elevator, there are many flashbacks that reveal the plot line. What makes this story so incredible is the way that it stirs up emotions of love, fantasy, and the mixing of the two. Anybody who has been in love, or even had a secret crush on somebody, will be able to relate to this story and to Lori and Derek, the two main characters. I highly recommend spending the 20 minutes it takes to read this novelette. You will quickly feel like you are trapped in the elevator with Lori & Derek and will find this to be a very enjoyable read!