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Founded in 1980 in Istanbul, Erkam Yayınları has been pursuing its mission of making the Islamic culture and civilisation better known to the world through the use of scientific means, never shifting from its focus on virtue and wisdom. Our publishing house aims at assisting readers to uplift their personality, grow inside as a human being and learn to love all that are created on the sole ground that they were brought into existance by the creator, and serving for the benefit of all creatures through the release of our publications in Turkish and other languages, thus helping build a civilisation with the highest virtues.

Being delivered to, and published in many countries around the world, our publications in foreign languages not only convey accurate information to readers, but also serve the global objective of rejuvenating souls and therefore rescuing humanity from the dormant state it rests in.

Our publishing house has until today featured 120 publications in 20 languages.

Moreover, we publish 12 periodicals in 8 languages for families, children and youth.

All our publications are printed in our company owned large-scale printing house in Istanbul. Furthermore, we have agreements with a number of printing houses in other countries regarding our publications distributed abroad. For more detailed information about the books in the brochure, please visit

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Telephone: +90.216.5533495

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