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Smashwords book reviews by prboa

  • Betrayal on May 31, 2011

    've read the book in one day,the idea of it so unique i just couldn't put it down before i found how it ended!The whole mythology is completely new and very interesting and that for me was the best part of the book.The characters were nicely developed although for some reason almost none of the was that likeable,except Evan who was constant in his love and devotion for Cordelia and Nicholas who was (for me)the best character in the book, all other characters were more complex and a little on the grey area between good and bad.Everyone had their motive and you don't get to see the truth behind everything until the end -it has a pretty nice twist-but it was a little unnerving a times because it made it hard to sympathize with them but it also made things a lot more interesting than your average fantasy-YA novel!I am definitely looking forward to the next one i really want to see how these characters develop in the future and **spoiler alert** i am intrigued about the love triangle!who will she end up with?!really good boy vs ex-bad boy we'll see... Definitely worth your time and attention!!