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I was born in the majestic mountainous city of Sukabumi, Island of Java, Indonesia (The former Dutch East Indies Colony), of mixed-ethnic parents. I am a mixed-blooded 'mutt'; Dutch-Indonesian, German, Chinese, French, British, Surinamese, Swiss, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.

My Father was a former-Dutch Army officer, ex-Japanese POW survivor (3 1/2 years behind the wire under brutal conditions), and one of many Indonesian political scapegoat POWs during the country’s cold war period following the WWII post-war years. Prior to his last capture, he was a high-level guerilla leader leading resistance fighters against a despotic Indonesian government regime. Born and raised on Java as a Dutch citizen, he had resigned his military commission and decided to live out his life in the only country he knew since birth. The country's newly-fledged independence from Dutch Colonial control was wrought with scandalous political strife and bloody conflict by those indigenous Indonesians, who wanted to eradicate any foreigner from the land. My Mother also survived the cruel Japanese Imperial Occupation and the country’s political cold-war turmoil afterwards.

My father together with a handful of former Dutch military veterans and a mix of other European civilians, who also chose to stay on the Islands, were forced to wage bitter armed guerilla warfare against Indonesian political factions and groups of independent insurgents. They recruited hundreds of men, mainly native Indonesians, who also believed strongly in democratic principles, armed and trained them in warfare skills; then led them in combat. Most of these Indonesians had grown up together with the Dutch and mixed blooded Indos, befriending each other, living in harmony throughout their lives, and saw each other as fellow citizens. Although many indigenous Indonesians supported their cause, the fight for government control after many years became a harsh struggle for sheer survival for the out-numbered foreigners and their native fighting forces. Without critical European aid, their struggle for a peaceful existence began to come unraveled. Their visionary cause to establish a democratic society eroded to bare threads and atrophied all together. Those that hadn't been either killed, captured or escaped the country, withered in the unforgiving frontier of the island's mountainous jungle wilderness. Alas, the day came when my father was captured after being in hiding in the vast remote hinterland, sentenced to prison and left to languish under much of the same cruelty as he endured during WWII times. Many Dutch prisoners never made it out of that captivity succumbing to the brutal torture of the government political apparatus much like the Soviet communist pogroms. They were tortured in a myriad of ways, including beatings and starvation. Fearing fatal repercussions and retaliation simply for being Dutch citizens, the rest of the family was allowed to leave the country with assistance of political pressure from the international community. My parent's survival story of WWII Japanese Occupation and the Cold War years is being written in a future novel titled, SURVIVORS OF THE STORM. My father's personal fateful story is included in the novel.
(Please visit, an organization dedicated to preserve the history and culture of those of Indo heritage)

I was but three years of age leaving the Islands relocating to the Netherlands, while never knowing my father. Not until I was five years old, when he was freed and rejoined the family in Holland, did I come to know him for the first time. I immigrated with the family at age eight to America; way too late to my chagrin to take part in trekking the western wilderness as did pioneers with covered wagon as my ardent youthful figment and image of America was at that time. Instead our journey west was per the old Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. We wholeheartedly embraced America's unique culture and customs, striving longingly to assert ourselves in her bosom as fellow citizens. My parents immediately recognized and experienced the purposeful meaning of independent freedom unequaled anywhere else. This great nation's ambitious spirit motivated us all to seek and find our personal aspiration for life in a land of unlimited opportunity. We had found our true home.

I have a military background as a Combat Controller and Security & Weapons Defense Specialist. In addition, a career of mission assignments as a government Weapons/Warfare Field Officer in different parts of the world training and advising foreign military forces in weapons efficiency, counterterrorist methods and physically led teams in the field against armed insurgency elements. After many years relieving most of the wild oats and youthful indiscretions within my military gene-induced character makeup, I finally packed it in and strove to become more domesticated in civilian life. One cannot live and perform forever in the fast track of combat operations. After what seemed a lifetime, my work career has since been in Industrial Engineering. However, former habits and love for adventure never leave my mind, nor my ingrained propensity for the wilder side of life. My memories are forever caught up with gut-wrenching mental images of combat, having worked and fought side by side with some of the best mates anyone could wish for. I still smile with a bright twinkle in my eyes for the honor to have served especially with like-minded men of tremendous skills and gallantry. As any human being, I am the product of the times we live in and life's experiences. I fully concur with the old adage, "You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy." I am a strong believer that the written word lives on when documented and passed on to further generations as a legacy and worthwhile lessons. It is one of the reasons I have begun to write relating my wild and wooly experiences. The other reasons are purely selfish in my regard for where a portion of my heart will always be. It has after all, been a huge part of my lifespan.

I am one of those people who have on numerous occasions through the years, had the yearning to pen personal experiences via fictional stories, but persisted to sidestep the endeavor by lack of determination. Having dedicated much of my life struggling against being permanently domesticated through social lobotomy methodology, I was finally motivated enough to try my hand at writing; an internal desire, which I readily found a robust passion for once I truly got serious. Now I am hooked. It has rekindled my excitement for combat action, yet limited now to just graphic memories as my mind takes me back to those tempestuous years not long ago with fondness at having stood shoulder to shoulder with men of courageous character tossed into hot cauldrons of warfare circumstances striking thunderous fear into the enemy.

Writing has been a challenging learning experience, which draws me endlessly as if mystic sirens calling me with their hypnotic tone.

My first full-featured fictional action-adventure novel about combating modern piracy near the Horn of Africa, TURBULENT WATERS, is published and available at
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A five eBook series, THE NICARAGUAN WAR CHRONICLES are in full-swing. Book 1, GAME ON! can be purchased currently on Amazon eBook website and on


GAME ON! can be purchased on for the same low price of $3.99. (Find the direct link to the book at the bottom of my BIO Page)

Book 2, COMBAT BECKONS, will be available at eBook website stores in the 1st Quarter, 2014. These are all based on true combat field accounts; quite exciting and politically controversial as many clandestine operations are.

I have almost completed writing the first two of a four-book 18th Century seafaring fictional action-adventure novel series, WINDS OF FURY and SEAS OF DREAD as part of THE HEINRICH DROOP ANTHOLOGY series based on a German ancestor turned pirate on my father's side. I call this anthology my signature series as they have spawned in me a reminiscent lust for adventure, despite safely entrenched within the confines of my home. The stories are none-stop swashbuckling antagonistic action. I hope to publish the first novel in the 3rd quarter of 2013. I will keep all of you informed as the publishing schedule firms up.

Between writing on a regular basis, you will usually find me busy reading, researching, visiting with family and friends, trap and metallic target shooting, biking, playing hoops, tennis, travelling, singing karaoke, attempting to learn the acoustic guitar, but my most distinguishable personality quality and affinity is to be an obnoxious prankster - for better or worse. So far my shenanigans hasn't shortened my life.

Stay in touch by visiting my Author website -, as new material is posted and the website grows and evolves constantly to be more interactive with you important folks, who are as much my motivation to write as my passion for it.

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Happy reading to all of you.

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Game On! takes the reader deep inside covert combat missions as seen through the eyes of Rob van Duis, a member of Strike Team Bravo and former Vietnam vet. This journal is based on true events that transpired while he was a soldier in Nicaragua fighting against the Communist Sandinista rebels.

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