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Smashwords book reviews by preludetorain

  • The Eighth Square on Sep. 25, 2013

    As an avid reader, I reserve a special appreciation for books that make me want to stay up and keep reading, no matter how tired I am or how late it is. This, the second installment in the Fayborn trilogy, is one of these. The continuing narrative of Petra's adventures navigating a world she never knew existed, and still isn't quite sure whether to fully believe in, is engrossing, imaginative, whimsical, highly entertaining, and appropriately mind-boggling. The book's nightmare sequence in particular is a stand-out. The Eighth Square is a must-read!
  • Her Unwelcome Inheritance on Sep. 25, 2013

    A fascinating read filled with memorable and quirky characters, witty dialogue, an original plot, descriptive settings, and an altogether entertaining writing style. Perfect for fans of fantasy, science fiction, mystery, historical fiction, drama, and (of course) fairy tales. I can't wait to see more. Absolutely worth the read!