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  • Take Her and Run on Oct. 13, 2013

    Grace blends facts and fiction in thought provoking first novel “Take Her and Run” When opportunity presents itself, Ungelica takes a child whom she suspects is being abused by her father and runs away with her. “While I’m throwing things into bags, my mind is racing. The past haunting me, but dreams of a future keeping me on track,” she says. Ungelica leaves her business, friends, home, and some of her pets behind as she travels covertly and quickly with a cat, dog, and a bird east across Canada to keep Dani as far away from her father as possible. Dani’s older sister Teri joins them along the way. “Usually, driving makes me very sleepy. But then I don’t normally have the adrenaline rush of a kidnapping to stimulate me, either.” She fondly remembers the times that Dani and her sister were her foster children. Ungelica relishes every moment of spending time again with these children that she clearly loves so much. Ungelica is asked “So, your love for these girls is so great that you will risk jail time for them?” “Well, yeah,” she answers. They take in the sites of Canada throughout their journey and meet many people who support their plight. By the time they reach Charlottetown, Ungelica has met two allies, Michael and his mother Nicole and then unexpectedly a third- Maria, the girls’ birth mother. . Aniela Grace’s first shot at novel writing is successful. It is a story of love and trust intertwined with suspense and adventure. As Ungelica tries to stay one step ahead of the police, she must contend with an unexpected pregnancy, a sudden death, a blossoming friendship, a move across Canada and others pressures. Grace portrays Ungelica as a compassionate human being who follows her instincts and faith to do what she feels is right. The reader roots for Ungelica even though you know that what she has done is not completely legal and moral. The reader wishes along with Ungelica for a happy ending for everyone.