Jana Talavaskova


Jana Talavaskova is a want-it-all person dedicated to her health, a passionate vegan athlete and huge animal lover.

Looking at her now you might think it's always been easy for Jana. However that is not the case. After 13 long years of suffering from bulimia nervosa and a few hectic years of running her own business, she realized she needed to find her own way to recovery and a life path that truly fulfils her. Something that many people seek for especially in this century.

Jana is a vegan athlete and natural amateur bodybuilder. During the last decade she has been exploring and applying various strategies to become healthy, productive and strong – both physically and mentally in order to reach peak performance. Through her journey to recovery, she has learned to not only embrace her body but transformed it into what you see today while building her presence at Bodybuilding.com community and creating a VeganBuilding strategy. She has accomplished all of this while being a full-time entrepreneur and doing a fundraising for an animal shelter on a daily basis.

She found her mission in helping others learn how to take their health and fitness to the next level through her eBooks and personalized training and nutrition coaching.

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Vegan Bodybuilding, Vegan Nutrition & Body Fat Loss
Learn: • How to Lose Body Fat and How to Build Muscle at the Same Time • Effective and Inexpensive Vegan Nutrition Strategies • Home Exercises that are Essential for Your Success • How to Use Time, Temperature and Your Natural Hormones for Permanent Fat-loss • How to Measure Your Results • How to Save Money and Time doing this With only 3 hours of exercise a week, you'll be able to reclaim your health, your body and that overall great feeling of walking proudly with a rocking body.


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