James Scott

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James Scott is a consultant, author and lecturer on the topics of IPO facilitation, corporate structuring, Private Placement Memorandum authoring and Mergers and Acquisitions strategies. Mr. Scott has authored multiple books such as ‘The Book on Mergers and Acquisitions’, ‘Taking Your Company Public’, ‘The Book on PPMs: Regulation D 504 Edition’, ‘The Book on PPMs: Regulation D 505 Edition’, ‘The Book on PPMs: Regulation D 506 Edition’ as well as several templates that make the process of completing complicated S1 and PPM docs as easy as ‘point and click’ for entrepreneurs and corporate CEOs.

Mr. Scott is a member of several economic think tanks that study diverse aspects of legislation concepts that effect corporations worldwide such as: Aspen Institute, Chatham House: Royal Institute of International Affairs, The American Enterprise Institute, Economic Research Council, American Institute for Economic Research, The Manhattan Institute and The Hudson Institute among others.

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