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Are you looking for a company that provides inspections and testing, removals for residential and commercial properties? Pro Asbestos Removal Perth is a great company providing such services. Below is a Business Description of the company.

Why Choose Us
Provide high quality services to all clients. They have also been in the industry for many years and have vast experience. They are licensed experts of asbestos and are always punctual and reliable.
Finally, they are highly qualified professionals who know what they're doing.

- Testing of asbestos so as to know if your building has any asbestos.
- They also remove dangerous asbestos that can be quite harmful from your building.
- Also dispose asbestos properly in sites that are licensed by the Department of Environment and Regulation.
- They also take part in demolition of sites that have asbestos. Sites may include commercial and residential properties.

Service Locations
- Southern and Northern Perth
- Western and Eastern suburbs
- Inner suburbs and also in the CBD

If you're looking for expert help from highly experienced professionals, you should consider hiring Pro Asbestos Removal Perth. The team is always ready to provide you with expert help and guidance on safe asbestos disposal.


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