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In 1988, John KixMiller began telling his daughter Lea and his son Geoffrey an epic bedtime story, an adventure that grew in the telling to include a witch who is really an angel, and is attached to a group of misfit teenagers destined to save the world from environmental destruction. As the years went by in the real world the greenhouse effect and the ozone hole became the crisis of climate change, and our adventure saga became the Protectors of the Wood Book Series. The project now includes books 1&2 complete with illustrations and music, and book 3 is about half-finished, and will hopefully be ready this October.

In the first book, Phoebe Comes Home, Phoebe arrives back in Middletown after a year away at college. On falling asleep she dreams that a strange green man comes to her window and tells her, "Everything is at stake!" The following day she discovers that shocking changes are taking place in her familiar childhood home. An immense corporation already owns many local businesses and is buying up property at an alarming rate. The local minister preaches a sermon about climate change and an angry crowd walks out in protest. And a valuable gem called dreamstone is the focus of intense interest and many unanswered questions.

Phoebe sets out to make new friends and save the world she new and loved as a child. But her parents have sold the family business -- a toy store -- and moved to a greenhouse on the edge of the vast forest preserve. Phoebe realizes that they actually spend most off their time in the forest itself, working on a mysterious gardening project. In her effort to understand these new events she stumbles onto a great secret: large and very rare dreamstone crystals can inspire visions that help guide people through the crises and turning points of their lives. She begins to see that these struggles in Middletown are the key to a global conflict, and the future of life on earth is itself at stake.

Phoebe organizes her friends Abby, Jeremy, George, and Glenda as a team to help protect Middletown and the secret of dreamstone from Milton Morphy, a corporate executive intent on domination and inconceivable wealth. She succeeds in getting a job at the toy store and building support to fight the corporate takeover. Phoebe and Jeremy finally journey to the heart of the forest, and Phoebe has her own dreamstone vision to guide her in the crises and dangers that lie ahead.

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