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Paul Russell Parker III is married, and has three children. He was born in southern California, and now lives on North Carolina's Crystal Coast. He enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, and going to the beaches of the Southern Outer Banks. He is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

After the military, he earned his Associate’s degree from Coastal Carolina Community College, and his Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. When he's not at work or with his family, Paul is creating new worlds for people to lose themselves in.

Smashwords Interview

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I write late at night because I have a day job and I have a young family. I have to make time after work to spend time with the family, so I sacrifice sleep. I also have to promote and advertise my books on a daily basis, so that takes up a lot of my free time as well.

I also have different things to do throughout the year. During the school year, I take my kids to their extra curricular activities after school and during the weekends. I watch football during the season, and play fantasy football. I try to squeeze in some golf, and I fish on the coast. I also bring the family on small trips around our State and local area throughout the year.

I'm pretty busy on a daily basis, so I'm pretty happy that I can get some writing done at all.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
I don't limit myself to only traditionally published books, or only self published books. What I usually do is perform keyword searches on subjects I want to read about at that time. Then I read the blurbs of the books that come up, and decide if I want to read the book or not. Sometimes people will recommend an ebook to read. I may even look for an ebook copy of a book that was turned into a movie thats' about to come out. For the most part though, I do random searches, and read whatever catches my eye.
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