Peter Shoemaker


I write nonfiction stories about food, sports, the arts, places, people, the future of technology and infrastructure, policy, and education for publications such New Mexico Magazine, Thinking Highways, UltraRunning Magazine, The Albuquerque Journal, and Forty is the New Foodie.

My fiction explores memory and identity, usually wrapped in great huge swathes of adventure, absurdity, and thinly disguised cultural flimflam. I work mostly in speculative fiction, meaning there might be things that don’t exist, or relationships that can’t work, or worlds that make no sense. And, yet they do. There might also be real things like love, hate, hanky-panky, boring jobs, atrocious music, and tears.

My interests are exactly what you’d expect from someone once described as “ridiculously and dangerously curious.” In addition to graduate degrees in truly esoteric subjects from universities in the US and the UK, I’ve served as a cold and hot war Marine, an less-than-stuffy academic, a semi-pro cook, a legislative catalyst, a senior executive in a handful of publishing and media houses, and a transportation futurist working with national governments. I’m also fascinated with entrepreneurialism and its power to channel effort and desire for a greater good, and I’ve founded five companies over the past fifteen years to bring ideas to market. I live most of the time in Albuquerque, New Mexico with a great huge mountain on one side and the limitless skies and mesas of the Western US on the other.

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