Lorraine Versini


Lorraine Versini is a French author now living in Italy. Born in the Côte d’Azur, she graduated in English Language, Literature and Civilisation at the Université Paul Valéry in Montpellier, before moving to Somerset, United Kingdom, where she spent 12 years of her life.

An avid reader, she’d spend most of her free time reading fiction of various genres, until one day she started giving shape to her own stories. Inspired by different authors such as the Brothers Grimm, Voltaire, Molière, Nora Roberts and Thomas Harris, her voice changes from romantic to dark, with a hint of humour.

She is a professional translator and proof-reader. Her hobbies include photography, makeup and trekking.


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Smashwords book reviews by Lorraine Versini

  • Foul Justice on June 16, 2012

    SPOILER ALERT !!! Poor Lorne, she never gets a break does she ! That said, she's my hero ! The minute she returns to the MET, she gets confronted with horrible murders. But it's good to know that she hasn't lost her kick-ass attitude, this lady means business ! I did feel a bit disappointed because, to me, the Unicorn was one big meanie evil baddie, it would be hard to find someone even worse, and to be honest I kind of liked him, and it felt like it was more like a rather straighforward case. But then I realised that there was more to the book than a cop catching the villains. There's love, caring, hurt, worry, pain, some important and serious themes and lots of other things, and there's me wondering if this book has been written so that the series ends on a high and with Lorne still at the top of her game, or to introduce a new partner who could potentially become a new main character, or if the series will indeed end, after all, it's Lorne's "second" comeback already ! I'd like to think that she'll come back in the future. But I'm sure Mel can start another great project that will give me as much reading joy as the Justice series did. So thank you for those four novels, Mel, and best of luck with whatever is coming next!
  • Home Invasion on Nov. 25, 2012

    Ok trying not to spoil. Dark, hot, and unexpected. Read at your own perils. Can't find anything else to say without giving some of the story away. So I'll leave it to that. Really enjoyed myself :) Maybe it was just a tad too short, though ;)
  • Feeding the Urge on Feb. 08, 2013

    What a delectable read ! The reader gets thrown into a world where life mixes with legends, supernatural, and fiction, and gets to wonder where the line between reality and fiction is, because it's so blurry. I mean do riders really exist? After all, there's that little voice... And that's one of the very many questions you'll find yourself asking. I started with short stories, and as a non-English speaking native person, I must confess that I had to pay a bit more attention to what I was reading when reading them, due to the nature of the prose, which was so beautifully poetic. I was a bit worried I'd have to do the same for the whole novel, yet I was pleasantly surprised that it just flowed so well. And not at the detriment of the writing, which retained all its qualities. The writing is engaging, not only from the fact that you end up questioning a lot of things, but with the way it pulls you in by its darkness, while allowing you a breath of fresh air once in a while with the little touch of humour here and there. The main characters are certainly interesting and unusual, and the best thing about them, and it's a credit to the author, is how as a reader, you end up caring so much for them, when they themselves basically show very little emotion and you can't connect with them on that level. It's like caring for an ice cube. It's fab.