Ago we were told old the post reinforces the tooth Nitro not true not true practice that everywhere we could try may look that way and fortunately that is in is a happening even with fiber post that is so innocuous in other words to put in the airline filters words that the tooth doesn't even know it's there the best you can hope for is neutrality in other words occupy space it does what post. Is supposed to do at least these me to the second item on the list which is retention but it does this without predisposing the route split so the second thing on that list is retention course you want retention of the core anymore retention of the posting core into the tooth now eyes you know from your own practice dentistry fill the dislodgment is not an everyday. Problem with with metal posts and certainly moving as you consider moving from a metal post if I repost you don't want to lose any ground in that area number one reason that you supposed. Is to retain that the court crown but in in vitro studies of all types using all different types of fiber posts in metal posts and cast posts in prefabricated post basic fiber post of properly bonded which is key offer the same degree of retention is a metal post or better it's not significantly better but it's as good as an to get it does this without the downside.

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