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Smashwords book reviews by purpinkrose

  • The Athena Effect on Feb. 18, 2013

    I read this book in just 24 hours, I couldnt put in down. The description of the book had me thinking this was another boy meets girl, falls in love, throw in a twist. Ermm did'nt see that twist coming. I loved the twin names Cal and cal/Cali I never got confused by which one I was reading about. I loved the personality of all the charactors-apart from Professer physco Reed. I felt so sorry for Cali when her parents died and had to move to a new place, especially when she went to school. I have never read a book about someone like Cali who could see auras. I feel like it was done correctly and in context. Not knowing why her parents suffered with the problems with their heads was correct it left me guessing and later in book when she gets captured it all fits in then. i found myself getting annoyed with layla and micheal and the way their relationship with reed. But glad in the end lalya didnt give Cali away. Reeds character was very good he made me want to lock him in a room and was glad when max double crossed him. Max i think we will see a lot more of in the next book. I cant wait to see what he is up to and what he has in mind for layla and Micheal I was devasted when the book finished, I cant wait for the next one. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone I think it would appeal to all ages.
  • Into the Night on April 03, 2013

    As a big fan of supernatural when I started reading this book I was curious as to how this would play out. I honestly didn't think I would enjoy it, my first idea being it would be like gladiator. Yet again this site is proving to me don't judge a book by its cover( on every review this seems to b a theme). When I started reading this book the first chapters give a bit of a clue into Logan's current life. I remembered thinking he he'd to grow a pair because he seemed a bit lazy and not much oomph. The story gets going when he gets to the estate and meets AJ, Mack, Penny, Gena. There is a steady pace to this story moves at the right pace, if it moved any slower or faster the story would be ruined. it pulls you in so you just have to keep reading just that one more page. I loved Penny and her character and couldn't wait for her story to unfold, never expected the connection with Pepper and explains her anger towards certain people. I loved Zane and felt sorry for him constantly. I was gutted that Penny's vision about her death was true and glad Zane remembered at the end. Gena at times got on my nerves the way she was towards Zane, like she didn't let penny try to make her own decisions. I liked the way Gena turned out towards the end of the book, but can't help think there's more to her. AJ I'm still not sure of and don't know how I feel about her. I understand her pain of losing Mack. Pepper I think will lose some of her monster issues around Logan, and were will their relationship if any go.... I didn't like Jackson, and wish we know what he was hiding. Who is the other Witch? And Thomas I wish someone would kill him in the arena. OMG what an ending and a cliff-hanger, I CANT WAIT for the next book. I cant wait to see what happens next. Thank You Jade for an Awesome book.
  • The Language of Souls on July 30, 2013

    In this story we meet Solena who lives with her grandfather, who is a great healer and also like the leader of the people. Solena has the gift of healing as well. Her Grandfather is a sick man, and when one of her people are going to look for a gift for his new baby, Solena wants to go to. But it means going into territory that belongs to a different race of people. Here she is captured by a Soldier-Rundan. Who takes her back to there camp. He treats her with kindness - although he doesn't know why he is acting like that. together they help one another and overcome everything. I liked this story. It was such a sweet story about the difference in race and language and how in the end it doesn't matter if your souls are connected. The cover was ok, the pace, storyline flowed together just right.
  • Fall For Me (The Tate Chronicles #1) on Aug. 20, 2013

    I received this book I exchange for an honest opinion. Grace is an Angel. Seth is an Angel until his fall... Why did he fall he loves Grace and its not allowed between Angels. Grace is reborn into a Protection Angel, her twin brother Archer is a Hunter. What do they Hunt Vampires. Grace is regularly fighting against Seth now that he is a fallen Angel and hangs out with the vampires. Grace and Archer go to boarding school, they have a shed where they live just outside the school grounds. They keep pretty much to them selves with the exception of Emma, Graces best friend who doesn't know who they are. Josh and Abby have been dating for 3 years. Until Josh breaks up with Abby. Ryan likes Emma but has never spoken to her. Charlotte is the new girl - but who is she. She is a vampire with a pure soul -how is that possible. Once Josh breaks up with Abby, him and Grace start to get close. Ryan and Emma hook up and things are ok until Grace gets called up by the council and told she is letting her human emotions get to her and that she must kill her new friend Charlotte. Grace refuses to do this sticking up for what she believes in. I really liked this story. It constantly kept me guessing. It is a total different take on angels. I loved the ring that the angels wore. I liked that we got the story from both Grace and Josh's side. Everything was just right about this story, pace, style of writing, characters. I totally wasn't expecting Charlottes secret. And Seth No..... I am glad there is a second book. I will be reading it. I would recommend this to anyone who likes vampire stories. 4/5 stars