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  • Amaranth (The Resistance Trilogy, #1) on Nov. 22, 2011

    Woohoo for Vampires with a Mission !!! This book wants me to actually visit Amaranth and see it for myself !! Cover-speak : I absolutely loved this cover .. It has most of my favourites colors on it and also has this sparkly night-ish feel to it and once you are done reading the story you'll realise the significance of this bayou and why the girl is standing there . Amaranth is the story of Camille , who runs away from her abused and broken life to start over again .The inspiration to do so comes in the form of Gavin , a man she accidently runs into on her trip to Paris . Then the story moves two years into the future and the reader is made known to the fact that Camille is going through another abusive relationship but is too scared to do anything about it . Enters Gavin ( again ) and brings in a fresh sprinkle of life and hope to Camille's life . But Gavin has secrets of his own . Secrets that could change their relationship for good or for worse !! Things I loved about this book : 1) The storyline : Although we have read a lot of Vampire-based story , Amaranth definitely comes across as a new , exciting and riveting tale of love and loss . The part that really stood out for me was that this book is just not about fighting for your love , your soulmate but it was about redemption of an entire clan so to speak . I cant really get down to details here , because i highly doubt my abilities of keeping the story , atleast the major portion of the story under wraps. 2) Characters : I'm a sucker for Ass-kicking female leads , but not here . The hero of this story is definitely Gavin for me . The man and his past definitely makes me feel for him and the reader can totally connect with him on so many levels . His reasons and the missions he soughts to complete in order to avenge and bring about a change is completely justified . Camille on the other hand was .... Hmm , i dont how to actually put this , but i felt that at times she was little annoying and at times didnt really understand the seriousness of the situation around her , but then i also wouldnt blame her for her behaviour seeing how her life changes instantly . But later on she definitely came around as a stronger person . Other important characters include Gabe , Joel , Audrey and not to forget the evil queen !! 3) Untold Secrets and Mysterious Mysteries : I love books that concludes with unanswered questions , making the reader jolt or buzz around for the sequel to get those questions answered .. This book definitely had that kind of an ending . Questions left unanswered , situations left unknown . Parting thoughts : On the whole , this book was an exciting read , showing vampire's in a different kind of limelight .There is a little humour added into the story as well not to mention the reference to a certain 'Pattinson Guy' . An absolute read for Vampire Romance lovers , this one's a good read !!!
  • Coexist: Keegan's Chronicles on Nov. 22, 2011

    ELF MYTHS BUSTED !!! That's the first impression that crossed my mind when i started reading this novel . And i'm sooo happy i did !! Cover-Speak : I really liked this cover . Its sweet and simple not to mention its kinda cute . For me it basically spoke of how the different kinds of mythical creature's in this book have easily blend in with the human kind . Also the light that is shown emitting on Keegan's path is of a very great significance in this story . Things i liked about this book : 1) Rourk & Keegan : The main characters of this book , Rourk and Keegan were really a delight to get to know . Especially Rourk , i found him to be quite a swoon worthy charming young man . His love and passion for Keegan is pure and absolute and the protective nature he exhibits towards her is definitely to die for . Keegan on the other hand came across as a very sweet yet a very focused teenager . There were many other characters in this book that were very interesting , but these two were my absolute fav . 2) Twists and turns : For a really fast read , this book sure had a lot of twists and turns . The kind of twists and turns that could make you go like , " WHAT .... HOW .... BUT WAS'NT IT ..... HOW DID THIS ... " i'm sure questions would pop on your mind but you would not be able to get through them .. 3) The Ending : The ending was what took me by surprise completely .I mean firstly it was completely unexpected , not even in my wildest dreams did i imagine it to end that way . But i could definitely say this , the ending has definitely set up a plot line for the sequel , which by the way i cant wait to read . Parting thoughts : A quick and a fast read , this one sure to blow your mind away . By the way this was my first Elf based story and i really liked it . Cant wait for the sequel . Definitely recommended for those who enjoy shy romances and mind boggling turn of events :)