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  • Believe on June 03, 2012
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    I really enjoyed this book.The author throws unexpected things into the plot at just the point you think there is nothing new that can be thrown in.The only problem with the book,which really isn't a problem,just me wanting more,is that it leaves you with a cliffhanger,which most good books do.I waited for half the book for that cliffhanger to be revealed and when it was you are left not knowing the main character's response to it.So,I guess I will have to wait for book two. The book is about a girl name Andrea,who was raised by her Uncle Greg because her mom died and no one knows who her father is or what happened to him.Uncle Greg is alittle over the top with his vampire tales.Andrea grows up believing her uncle is a little crazy but when she moves to a new town to attend college,things that he uncle told her seem to have some truth or maybe she is just imagining things.She falls in love with a gorgeous,sweet guy.But could he be a vampire? And if the tales about vampires are true could the tales about vampire hunters be true too?How will this affect her and Shane's relationship,especially when Uncle Greg decides to come to Christmas dinner?
  • The Difference Between Night and Day on March 08, 2013
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    I didn't know what to expect out of a Christian Paranormal Romance but I am glad I gave it a chance.It really spoke to me.It helped me see the Light in my own darkness.The Scriptures used were perfect to convey the message in this book.Nathaniel see the world how most of us see it :if we are good then we deserve good and how many Christians see the world:if I follow God then we will not suffer." We forget that even though Job was righteous is God's eyes,he still suffered and he held on to his trust that God was in control so he was blessed even more than he was before his time of suffering.Jesus suffered,The Disciples suffered,others who have spread the Gospel suffered so what makes us think we are excepted? I think we subconsciously look at the good part of promises of prosperity and blessings without examining all of what God said.He never promised we wouldn't suffer,he actually said we would,but he will walk us through the storm. We lose hope and forget to trust Him to lead us through because all we can see is the darkness,so we take control and instead of being lead by Him out of the darkness we stumble around in it then wonder why we can't see the Light. Nathaniel was accustomed to living a blessed life.So when darkness falls on him,he believes he is out of God's reach.He never stops believing in God,he just loses hope that God can reach into the darkness to bring him back to the light.Then he meets Lilly,who despite her suffering,has hope.But Nathaniel still has to decide if he is going to just stand in the shadows of light that Lilly projects or if he is going to walk fully into the light.
  • The Earth Painter on April 07, 2013
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    I really didn't know what to expect out of this book.I got more than expected.I was a lovely read that really made me think about some issues that teens face.Along with that,it also is a story of love.Underneath that, it is a story intertwined with a world fantasy like no other. Holly has just moved to Chesnee,SC.Here she meets a few friends,some of those friendships will grow,some will be broken,and some may turn into more.Holly starts out as beaten down,low-self esteem teenager who just wants to blend in to the point of invisibility. However,Anthony,Theo,and Wayne won't let her.They befriend her,which makes things a little easier and a little harder. Meeting Anthony helps because he makes sure she doesn't eat lunch alone.Holly eventually meets Anthony's mom,who is a key to helping her fight Fritz. His mom also helps her find her a purpose that gives her an idea what she wants to become in the future. Wayne is a geek who loves role playing and science of all kinds.One of his experiments to try figure out the school's water problem leads to a great discovery.This sends Holly on a mission to save the water well,which infuriates Fritz. Also Wayne makes Holly uncomfortable because he has feeling for her that she does not reciprocate,her feeling are for someone else. That leads us to Theo,who is an earth painter.He has hung around the high school observing humans for decades out of boredom due to his purpose already being fulfilled.No one ever sees him,which is good because he isn't allowed to draws attention to himself from humans.Except for so unknown reason,Holly sees Theo. They develop a bond that goes beyond friendship but Theo is doesn't feel the way humans do,which leaves them with dilemma. Oh and I guess you wondering who Fritz is.Well is was a water painter but he did some questionable things after the Sculptor made humans.He detests humans,so he goes around ricking havoc by whispering negative and evil things into the ears of humans.Going against him could prove to be fatal. Yes,I know this review kind of long but this is the last tidbit,I promise.I just want say I know Melissa's work has Spiritual undertones so I tried viewing the character this way.I don't know how she intended it,but I viewed The Sculptor and God,Theo and the friends(the sciences and space painter) as Angel,and Fritz as the devil. Of course it is up to you to determine how you view them,my view may be flawed due to the ending.I still trying to figure that one out.Guess it is time to read Book 2.
  • Winter Fae on April 07, 2013
    (no rating)
    I love this story but it was so short.I can't wait for ARMORED HEARTS to be released so I can find out what happens next.It is a fast paced and emotional read.A hastily decision may cost Ansleigh and her young son,Tristan,their lives.. Ansleigh wanted what everyone wants,someone to love her.But when she gives up her life in the Seelie Fairy Court to find love in the mortal world,things don't turn out as she planned.Now she seeks forgiveness and entry back into the Fairy world but what she finds is more than she expected.She needs healing from her mother,a healer but that may not be as easy as she thought.He decision affected ad cost more than she ever imagined.Can she be forgiven and return home or were her actions too much for this?Will she find healing for her and her son?What price would you pay for love? Before you answer that question,make sure you know the whole costs or you may find yourself paying more than you intended to,just like Ansleigh.
  • Armored Hearts on July 30, 2013

    This an awesome story!I love the way God is subtly worked into the story.The interaction between the charaters is phenomenal.One boy whose only goal in life is to be invisible learns there maybe more to life than just surviving.One girl turns his life upside down and shows him how to live.Things at his home with his grandfather aren't all what they seem to be.Unknown to him,he is destine for a greater purpose.