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  • Digging Your Own Well: Daoism as a Practical Philosophy on Sep. 09, 2020

    I found the book mentioned by the author himself in Quora, and, as I liked the posting there, ordered - and didn't regret it. The subtitle, 'Daoism as Practical Philosophy', is to the point - that's what it is. Insightful, humorous, and with a couple of practical examples. The access to religion, and to the master/guru image, was a special highlight, but still more important for me was one title from the list of original texts, the 'Original Tao' (Nei-yeh) - I've ordered it at once - most of the others I have already, in German or Chinese. Coming from Chan myself, I liked the parallels found now and then - especially the story of the 'stone polisher' which I knew already as a Zen koan, 'Nan-yue is polishing a tile' - and rendered it into German.