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  • Heaven Is For Heroes on Nov. 15, 2011

    I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet and touching story about dealing with tragedy, family relationships, and first-love! Jordan Dunn, Jordie, is a 17-year old girl who has just lost her brother, Levi. Levi died in a mission while serving as a marine in Iraq and according to reports his best friend Alex Cooper is responsible. Jordie can’t believe this because Alex has always been the responsible one in the friendship, and her brother Levi had been displaying self-destructive behavior for a long time. In fact, it‘s Levi’s fault they are in Iraq in the first place. It was either join the marines or serve time in Juvenile detention for a stupid prank devised by Levi. Jordie doesn’t feel this is right for Alex to take the blame if it was somehow her brother’s fault, so she plans on getting to the bottom of this. Jordie has always felt close to Alex with him being so close to her brother, and has had a crush on him since the ninth-grade. In this mission Alex lost his leg and is sent home to heal. He blames himself for the death of his best-friend, and with the added blow of losing his leg, he’s not in a good place. When Jordie forces herself on him, to help recover both in mind and body, he is less than thrilled. Jordie is persistent, though and Alex makes progress. Working so close together stirs up feelings between Alex and Jordie, but Alex pushes Jordie away, confused by so many different emotions. They struggle back and forth to figure things out (with a lot of swoon-worthy kissing scenes!) and you can’t help but want to scream a few times. Add to this Jordie’s complicated relationship with her mother. Jordie lost her father when she was four to an aneurysm, and her mother took the loss hard (as anyone would). Jordie and her brother basically had to deal with losing their father on their own. This, and other things that are revealed throughout the story, cause a strained relationship with Jordie and her mother. I loved the journey all these characters took to healing. I think the author portrayed the feelings one goes through with loss very well, and realistically. I also loved the sweet and sometimes steamy romance in this! You can’t help but sigh in contentment at the ending! Thanks to PJ Sharon for sharing this lovely story with me!