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Rachel Connor is a biographer of rock artists and concert journalist. As a psychology minor she looks deeper into the characters and personalities of the celebrities she interviews and reviews to provide meaningful understandings of why they are who they are.

This quest for illumination has also led Rachel to shed light on other social issues and topics that most journalists (and her editors) avoid. Many of the controversial topics she has pursued have led her to conclusions and theories that her publishers have forbid her to print, (or edited out of her pieces published).

Shaolin Communications has decided to print and reveal many of these theories and topics that are forbidden and censored in our American land of free voice and publishing. Whether you agree or disagree with Rachel's theories and suggestions is less important to her than the fact that you are at least considering these topics and offering your suggestions.

Rachel is concerned that America has become apathetic and uncaring of the world's current and future problems. She boldly states that Hitler rose to German political power in a decade of unemployment and poverty with the support of the public. Rachel wants the world to solve its economic and social problems without resorting to the desperate compromises the public is willing to accept during an economic depression, recession, or violent aggression.

Rachel Connor began her journalism career as a reporter of the Los Angeles Newspaper Guild in 1986. Interviewing rock stars and celebrities began her fascination with the character attributes of success in the business world and artistic worlds.

Rachel's biographies of female rock stars started her research into role reversal and the differences between masculine and feminine ambitions. Her recent brief book, Father Earth, suggests we rethink and rename our world to produce a better and longer future for humanity.

Rachel is best known for her revolutionary book, It's A Woman's World - Putthing men in their proper place, that explains how to end all wars, end unemployment, develop a national religion, and save our planet from nuclear destruction.

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