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I am extremely sexual, very forward and bold. I have no problem asking for sex. I know what I want in bed and I know how to give in bed. I have a more "male" view about sex than most girls. I don't think sex is a big deal, I don't have a problem with one nights stands, casual sex with stranger, etc. To me, sex is just another activity that two (or more) people can do together to have fun. I think if most girls looked at sex this way they wouldn't be hurt so easily. Sex and love do NOT have to go together. Marriage and love have to go together but you can have sex and enjoy it at NOT be in love! Actually I've had sex with people that I absolutely can't stand! It was some of the best that I've ever had!

I guess by definition, or at least society's definition I would be a slut, not a problem for me, I'm having fun!

The majority of my stories are true, actual experiences that I have had. When you read one of my books it is safe to assume that it is true....I will tell you otherwise.

Guess for now that's it.

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