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  • Johnny Living Dangerously on Jan. 25, 2012

    Love this book, I am not big on writing big reviews. I want to person reading to book to get out of it what they are looking for. The only time I will say something different is it the book was not what I was hoping it was going to be. CJ. I love this book and I have also told some friends about it as well.
  • Putsch on Jan. 25, 2012

    I am still working on getting to read this book. I have three more that I have to read before this one. As soon as I have finished it, I will come and give a better review.
  • The Offices of Naughty and Nice: Winters on Jan. 25, 2012

    Half way done and the book is great. will write more as soon as I have finished it.
  • The Zombie Story The Chronicles of Orlando on Jan. 31, 2012

    If you get a chance read this book. Its really good.
  • Elemental Magic on Feb. 16, 2012

    I loved this book, and was able to finish it in two days. I couldn't stop reading. I have told my friends about this book and I am waiting to find out for they think about it.
  • The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl on March 17, 2014

    The Adventure of Sir & Babygirl to give an honest review that I will post to Amazon as well as Goodreads. It will be added to my blog for any blog tour going of the book at this time. For those 18 + Katie is a divorced mother of a four year old girl whose name is Olivia. She also has a personal blog that where she writes all kinds of BDMD for the past two years along with her normal job. Katie has no problem expressing her desires on her blog but when it comes to real life situations she has low self-esteem. This was all brought on by her ex-husband who was a really awful man. Katie has a local coffee shop that she spends so much time that everyone that works there greats here with her coffee order before she even has to say anything. She also sits in the same spot and work on reading post from different people before heading home from work. Another thing that really gets to Katie is the beautiful young blonde barista that works behind the counter. Her body to Katie if perfect as she has never had a kid and everything is still where is should be. She gets a message from someone and for some reason it really gets to her and she doesn’t understand why. Not in a bad way it’s like she feels something different but also has her guard up as well. With her daughter sending the night with her father Katie decides she is going to just have a Disney movie, Mr. Teddy, ice cream and pizza night. She remembers she has the email she needs to reply to but just puts it off to the side and wait until later on. Katie gets up and goes to bed and it’s early in the morning when she decided to reply back to Johnathan E. She tells him that its fine that he emailed her because she left her email for people to use. Johnathan E. Is a father of two twin boys whose sister moved in to help him take care of after his divorce. He has been following Little K Girl (Katie) blog since she first started. He really likes reading her blog and has become attracted to her just from reading it. From reading it for so long he learns that he ex was a major ass and that she has a lot of issues that he would love to help her get over. His phone DINGS and it’s a reply from Little K Girl. He reads it and is excited to hear back from her. He is also in the BDMS as well as Katie but doesn’t want to push anything with Katie. They exchange email for a while but Katie has such low self-esteem she is always trying to push him out of her life. There is so much more exciting stuff that happens between Katie and Johnathan that if you like reading BDMS you need to pick up this book for sure.
  • Fated - A Mermaid's Curse 2 on June 07, 2015

    Fated goes more into the story of Blake and Arianna they are a great couple, but Blake's father is a very controlling man is caused lots more problems this time around. I would love for Mr Crawford to get what he has coming to him. He is evil and very cunning and wants to hurt his family at all cost. Owen finds out Arianna's secret and helps her explain it to his brother. If you haven't read book 1 grab it and join in the Mermaid's Curse. You will be hooked for sure once you get started and won't want to stop. I can't wait to read book 3.
  • Unbreakable - A Mermaid's Curse 3 on June 08, 2015

    The final installment of A Marmaid’s Curse We continue with Blake and Arianna’s story; after she was raped by Mr. Crawford, where she informs Blake she needs sometime to figure stuff out. He is so lost as to how to help her. He wasn’t there to stop it from happening that this is eating him up inside. It was his younger brother Owen that stopped their father and Blake is having a hard time understand how his dad could do this to her. And why she trust Owen so much, all he keep telling himself is that she sees their dad when she is near him. He turns back to drinking to deal with the pain of all this. The next morning when they are ready to leave Blake has been drinking and asks Arianna if he can be the one to take her. He brother say it would be best if not so Blake does as he told them he would and checks himself into rehab. He had been there for a while meeting with Dr. Patton and telling her different things about his pass. He brings up what happen to Arianna he can see in the Dr. Patton’s eyes that this is going to be a hard case so he decides to leave. Goes to his room packs his stuff gets in a cab and goes to a bar. While there the Dr. shows up and he talks to her some more but as a friend not a patient. She really hopes that he will come back to the center to finishes getting the help he needs. Blake does go back to the rehab center only to have his dad come and try and mess up his treatment by tell him that Owen and Arianna have died in a hurricane. This causes him to want to leave as he gives in to his dads controlling ways again. The Dr. Patton gets him to listen to her once his dad has left the office and has him call his mother. He learns that it was just another ploy to get him under control again. He calls Mr. Jones one of the guys his dad works with and someone who treats him more like a son than his own dad. He finds out that Arianna is living with him and his wife. There is a major surprise that I was not expecting and I am not giving it away. You have to read the book to find out for yourself. Daniele Lanzarotta has a way of pulling into the world of the Mermaid’s and wishing they were real. I can’t wait to read her next series.
  • Wide Awake - Academy of the Fallen Series on June 14, 2015

    I just finished finished reading book one Wide Awake and all I can say is this it totally not what I was expecting. Kayla was adopted at age four and has two loving parents who care for her very much. She attended a private high school and has two friends Emily and Jess. She is also dating a guy named Justin who her mom doesn’t really like that much at all. While on a school field trip Justin besides he need to talk to Kayla to end their relationship because he had also been dating Ashley as well. Kayla can tell something is up so she dumps him before he gets a chance to break up with her. While waiting for the realization to pass that she has just broken up with Justin she hears a noise. Not wanting to talk to anyone just yet she decided to see who it is. This is when she meets Carloyn and Kayla’s world is about to get turned upside down. If you have not read any Wide Awake-Academy of The Fallen by Daniele Lanzarotta what are you waiting for. I am hooked and can’t wait for book two.
  • Nephilim - Academy of the Fallen II on July 15, 2015

    We meet up with Hunter and he has brought Kayla to the Academy to see if they can help her after her brother Benjamin had sent her into the Otherworld. Hunter really didn’t want to go back to the Academy of the Fallen because he had a hard time dealing with all the different people there, but he knew it was the only way he could save Kayla. When Kayla woke up Mr. Daniels and everyone in the Academy’s clinic was convinced it was the real Kayla until Hunter came into the room and took one look at her and told them right away that it was not Kayla. They quickly got Kim and used her to get the demon that was in Kayla’s body out so that Kayla could find her way back. So many exciting things happen at the Academy we learn who Mr. Daniels is to Kayla. She is really upset with him when he will not allow her to contact Kelly and Andrew to make sure that they are okay. She is extremely worried about them because of Benjamin and wants someone to watch over them as well as her baby sister. Mr. Daniels tells her that someone is looking out for them and he will allow her to contact Kelly and Andrew soon but not by phone call only via letters. So many more things happen in book 2 that I don’t want to give them away if you haven’t read the series yet. Be sure to pick up book 1 Wide Awake.