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Smashwords book reviews by R S

  • Play It Safe on June 14, 2012
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    Ashley writes characters you like--men who are tough and incredibly protective, women who are vulnerable and tend to have very troubled pasts. That said, this book suffers from a few problems. The plot changes are abrupt, and the basic premise of the book--that Ivy and her brother travel around running a scam--is ill-explained (and to the extent that there is an explanation, really very silly, holding up to almost no scrutiny; like, neither the scam, nor the reaction of law enforcement, nor Ivy's reaction to what happens regarding it, make much sense). There's also a certain vagueness that pervades Ashley's writing--common to people who use too many words, and most of them short. If you've read a lot of medium-to-high quality fan fiction, you'll recognize the style. In short--it's really *nice*. Heartwarming and sexy. You'll definitely like the characters. But the plot is interesting without being smart, and the dialogue is heavy-handed and occasionally extremely redundant. Ashley's great but needs a first-rate editor badly.