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I've had a very diverse career. I began my professional career in electronics. My career in electronics quickly evolved into the installation and programming of large PBX telephone systems, call accounting systems and voice mail systems. I later decided to go back to school to get an engineering degree in Computer Science. I was hired as a software engineer at a company that manufactured long distance telephone switching systems which were sold worldwide to major long distant network systems. Some of those older switching systems consisted of many refrigerator sized cabinets that took up an entire floor of the building they were housed in. I was fortunate to get in on the development the next generation switching system that could handle four times the long distant telephone traffic, yet is only the size of one refrigerator cabinet. I worked a couple of years developing web based software for a new startup company in the healthcare industry. Another venture was customizing stock market trading platform software for the trading floors in New York for a major US bank. I then began developing software for almost all major Aerospace and Defense contractor companies in the US and later spent a couple of years as a software engineer on a US Army project. Currently, I am on a software engineering contract on the LCS (Launch Command System) team at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. We are developing software that communicates with NASA's new SLS rocket system, the payload and the Orion multi-purpose crew vehicle. It is really neat to work at such a historical place and also know that my some of software I worked on or created will actually be used when NASA launches the new SLS rocket that will send people back to the Moon, the asteroids and later will send humans on to Mars. The SLS system is primarily engineered for deep space missions well beyond low Earth orbit.

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Treasure of the Sahara
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 53,060. Language: English. Published: November 10, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » General
An expedition to the Sahara desert is formed to try and find a DC-3 airplane that crashed in 1953. The airplane was transporting stolen family treasures during World War 2 by various dictators. The airplane crash is assumed to be in the vicinity of the Ahaggar Mountains near Tamanrasset, Algeria because the last radio transmission of the DC-3 was to the Tamanrasset airport.