Randy Tan


In 1996, the call to preach came to my life. "Start preaching and rely fully on the Holy Spirit," like a voice that kept repeating in my spirit. I was puzzled as this was not the ambition in my life. Then the confirmation came.

During my sleep, I would dream that I was preaching on the pulpit in different locations to different groups of people. I would crawl out of bed and started weeping because I felt that the people I preached to in my dreams were really hungry for God and many were sick in their bodies and needed His healing anointing.

Deep inside me I knew the call was confirmed but where to start and what to do? Then out of the blue, a pastor from a local church invited me to join his mission team to Fiji. I accepted without hesitation. Then another invitation while I was in Fiji. The team did not have enough preachers. Could I preach? Imagine when the first night came, the church rented a stadium for me to preach and already the crowd was over 5,000 people. That night I became a preacher.

After this incident, I came back home and read the four gospels and the book of Acts with a new pair of spiritual eyes. I realized that the miracles of healing, signs and wonders were not meant to stop. Two people who did not know my needs gave me $500 each. When I went to the bank to open an account for my new ministry, they told me the minimum amount to open a new account was $1,000.

I began to receive invitations from all over Asia and the Pacific region despite the fact that I was not a well known preacher. I was so thankful to God for all those supernatural visitations of the Holy Spirit during all my meetings. We were able to see God’s healing power touching so many lives.

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