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Smashwords book reviews by E R

  • An Abducted Date (Jason Peirce Series #1) on Sep. 02, 2012

    Look, I applaud you for writing. Not many people do nowadays. However, this book seemed like elementary school writing. Is your target audience children? I doubt it. You sound disorganized. This book was easy to read, but I didn't catch myself wanting more. You want fiction? This definitely is in a category by itself. It's in-between fiction and non fiction. You list realistic places, which you shouldn't when entering a world of fiction, yet you make up all this info as if it is supposed to be real, but it's fiction. I think you should try again.
  • On the Track of Loss (Jason Peirce Series #2) on Sep. 02, 2012

    Again, this book followed the same pattern as the first. I suggest you start a whole new series over. It needs lots of work. Character development, setting description, plot, even the title. Everything is very cheesy and needs to be more solid.