R.A. Simone


A rebel since childhood, R.A. Simone knows the streets of the St. Louis Metro area. From North Sarah to Litzsinger. As government social service employee. Cable TV door-to-door salesperson. Resident. And pizza delivery expert. Envelope-Pusher.

Hippie radical. Entrepreneur. Bureaucrat. Draftee in the Sexual Revolution. Philosophical Iconoclast. Eccentric. Activist. Proud capitalist. Future Centenarian. Sentimental Romantic. Paleo-Wannabe.

When R.A. grew up, "everybody knew" girls didn't enjoy sex outside of marriage, because they wanted only to please their husbands and reproduce the species. While boys snuck looks at PLAYBOY centerfolds, girls read Harlequin romances. At the end, the man and woman kissed.

In the 1970s feminists denounced "pornography" as violence against women.

Almost everybody -- men and women -- in practice defined "pornography" as explicit descriptions or depictions of sex.

Only men admitted to enjoying it.

Women didn't -- either didn't enjoy it or didn't admit to enjoying explicit descriptions or depictions of sex.

However, some years ago, women began writing stories of . . . drumroll, please! . . . explicit descriptions of sex.

And women read it. Oh, my, my.

Calling it "erotica" rather than "pornography."

That makes it okay.

Because erotica novels tell stories of romantic relationships which just happen to include plenty of explicit depictions of hot sex.

And women -- from college to boomers R.A.'s age -- love it! Just look at the incredible success of 50 Shades of Gray!

Unimaginable back in the Stone Age of R.A.'s extreme youth.

GREAT! Freedom! The pioneers kicked open the doors.

Millions of women read stories of love relationships, including lots of great sex.


Smashwords Interview

How did you write the Daddy's Day series?
I read the first book in the 50 Shades of Grey series, and decided to what it seemed to me to be doing for BDSM, for age play.

That is, Christian meets Ana. She falls for him. Why not? He's rich and "beautiful." He wants her to be his submissive. They spend much of the first book arguing about terms.

Yet, at the same time, Christian starts adapting to Ana. He sleeps with her in the same bed -- just sleeps -- as an example. He's never slept beside a woman before. Had some kind of sex with them in a bed, yes -- then left to actually be alone when asleep.

They have vanilla sex, another first for him.

There're lots of hints about how emotionally wounded he is, which causes him to work obsessively (Although, to be truthful, this has presented in the book is a lot of hooey. True billionaire corporate leaders could not squeeze in all the socializing Christian indulges in, whether with submissives, true girlfriends, or even wives. But it's also true, nobody cares about lack of credibility on this issue.), driving him to be the ultra success he is at such a young age.

I saw the character arcs of their relationships continuing in this direction. Perhaps with Christian giving up his BDSM kinkiness after they got married.

In other words, 50 Shades of Gray, as I saw after reading just the first book, was basically a romance, with Christian's BDSM part of the personal baggage he would eventually overcome to discover he really loves Ana, and needs her, as a real person and lover, not a fantasy submissive playing a role.

It wasn't until after I finished writing the series that I read the second and third books of the 50 Shades series and discovered they didn't go quite in the direction I predicted.

So, I thought about how a young woman might hook up with a guy who wants her to play as though she's his little girl daughter.

If people think BDSM is edgy, I thought, then let them deal with age play.

So far, the Daddy's Day series, while selling well, aren't competing with 50 Shades.

Maybe I should stick with BDSM.
What will you write next?
I'm not sure, though I hate to admit it.

While writing the Daddy's Day books, I fell in love with all Summer's family and friends. I couldn't wait to discover the secrets behind Grandma's powers -- which Spring is in on, though Summer isn't. And I know who Autumn's going to fall in love with, and wanted to learn what he's really been doing overseas for the past few years.

But now I worry that if somebody finds me through the Daddy's Day series because they enjoy age play, they won't enjoy the more ordinary contemporary new adult romances, paranormal romances, and other related stories.

And people who read and enjoy those books, and then try out the Daddy's Day series, may be offended by the age play content.

So it's a quandary I'm puzzling over.
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