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Raven & Bear is a science fiction publishing website, founded in the early 21th century. Differing from all other publishing houses, R&B publishes fiction works exclusive to the Tectum Galaxy book series. What is the Tectum Galaxy book series? Well, the Tectum Galaxy itself is a galaxy created by ancient beings, called the Sidus Artifex, and is the home to the last resistance against the might of the Sentiles. In this book series, you will learn of the origin of each species and slowly work up to the greatest war in history. The Ultimus War. Aside from all that, R&B has a vast database for all records and accounts of the Tectum Galaxy, a weekly blog, and also owns Galactic Bishop, a monthly magazine.

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Blaise Marcoux
Latest book: Better Than Syntax. Published March 6, 2013.
K.Z. Freeman
Latest book: Psychonaut: The Nexus. Published July 10, 2013. (3.00 from 1 review)