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Divna is a practicing complementary therapist, nutrition adviser as well as an engineer of agriculture and oenology (wine production).
With life-long passion for holistic nutrition, in my early days I was eager to understand the principle behind curing cancers with non-invasive natural approach, based on dietary and life-style alterations. In my quest for the best, I came across work of Dr Rudolf Breuss and Max Gerson. Both doctors utilized juicing as the basis of their cancer treatment, which provided relief and cure to thousands of patients. I was fortunate to meet in person two individuals whose cancer was cured by Dr Breuss’ method and have first hand information concerning their healing journey.
In more recent times, I came across work of Dr Robert O. Young, primarily due to his unique natural and holistic approach. Dr Young puts an emphasis on body acidification and educates his patients on making dietary and life style changes to lose weight, boost immunity and reclaim their full health.
In my quest to grow, professionally as well as a person, over the years I have been learning from David Wolfe, Brian Clements, Anthony Robbins, Udo Erasmus, Patrick Holford as well as Topher Morrison, Chris Howard and many other wonderful and knowledgeable individuals. I have high regards for work of Natalia Rose, New York clinical dietician. With her ‘hands on’ approach, Natalia works closely with her clients, promotes holistic approach and use of real, all-natural food for long-term sustainable weight loss and health regeneration.
Over the years I have worked with every dietary principle that is around just to learn that, in terms of sustainable results, nothing beats healing powers of real food and healing herbs, so my programs are based on utilizing living, unaltered, predominantly raw foods. In addition to structuring diets for maximum weight loss and lasting energy, life-style adjustments are ‘fine tuned’ to minimize toxin exposure, strengthen the mind-body connection and enhance effects of the diet. In terms of supplements, I only advocate use of natural super-foods. No synthetic supplements, no processed foods, no diets that call for starvation. I would clearly not rely on nor promote slimming diets as they do not work, particularly not long-term. If they did work, obesity problem would have not escalated to this grand scale. Instead, I dedicate years of learning and experience to promoting simple and natural methods that produce life transforming results and are easy to implement and follow.

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