Raymond Kenneth Kaelin


Ray Kaelin has over 30 years experience within Fortune 200 companies in Operational Financial Management, Reengineering Consulting and Business Solutions Development. He lives with his wife in Lavallette, New Jersey

Throughout his career, Ray has always had dual roles within controllership and strategic analysis positions spearheading or leading many internal, enterprise-wide reengineering and technology improvement initiatives.

He has extensive experience working closely with many of the major consulting firms staffed with the brightest and most talented people on projects within some of the best-run companies on the globe.

As both a Business Process Reengineer and as an Application Architect, he offers his thoughts on this exciting subject of “Self-Guided Reengineering” for you and your organization to explore and discover.

Smashwords Interview

Who are your favorite authors?
I have a number and from different Genre's, but most of them all share one thing. They are (and were) all prophetic in nature, in some way: George Orwell ("1984"), Dr. Deming ("The 14 Points"), Aldous Huxley ("Brave New World"), Issac Asimov ("First Foundation"), Ayn Rand ("Anthem" and "The Fountainhead", ps..I disliked many of her other works), Jared Diamond ("Guns, Germs and Steel").

In addition, the philosophical works of Mortimer Adler ("Ten Philosophical Mistakes", "Truth in Religion") are especially meaningful. Plus the historians John Keegan ("The Mask of Command", "World War I"), Michael Grant (vis-a-vis Seutonius, Seneca, Livy on "The Twelve Caesars") and Shelby Foote ("Stars in Their Courses") are favorites of mine.

But my real love is poetry. I enjoy many modern poets (Bukowski, Collins, Dickey, Heaney, Dylan Thomas, Frost), the Spanish poets (F.G. Lorca, Pablo Naruda) and of course - the beat poets (Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs). Plus anything by Shakespeare is genius.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I'm always writing but any time I can get to spent with my family and friends - eating, drinking, relaxing, etc is time well spent.
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