Ray Ruppert


I wrote Reflections on First and Second Peter as a blog. When I was invited to go to Pakistan on a mission trip I put it into print so that I could take it to my brothers and sister in Christ.

I was led to write 999 Years After Armageddon - The End of the Millennium after writing a commentary on the book of Revelation, then reading the first of the Left Behind series. While many people are caught up in the events of Christ’s return, few have imagined what life would be like after He returns to the earth. I hope that this book will provide the reader with a greater sense of His sovereignty and the dangers that have plagued mankind from the beginning and will continue into the Millennium.

I'm currently changing my book, Revelation: A Layperson's Reflections. When I'm done, it will be a Bible study and not just my notes. I'm posting each chapter on my blog as I complete them.

I was a computer programmer for many years and a student of prophecy since reading The Late Great Planet Earth in 1974 which lead me to become a Christian.

I’ve been married to Terri since 1993. We belong to Canyon Hills Community Church, in Bothell, Washington where we currently serve as home Bible study group leaders.

We are also members of the Leight Fantastics, an amateur dance performing group specializing in tap and jazz. We practice year round for fun but also to prepare for our annual family Vaudeville show over Mother's Day weekend. Click on Leight Fantastics at the left for more information.

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