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  • A Christmas Miracle on Dec. 23, 2011

    It's hard to review a short story like this. It's obvious the writer invested a lot of heart in it, but there's really little else to recommend it. The writing is simplistic and immature, leading me to suspect that the author is either very young, or very inexperienced. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than in the notion of a single candle heating an entire room. Additionally, there is very little structure, and no characterisation or plot to speak of. The characters are all one-dimensional, and as a reader I felt no sympathy for them or interest in them. It is clear that this story was written in a single sitting, and probably took no longer than an hour. One has to wonder if any editing or proofing went on between completion of writing and uploading to this website, as the story needs a huge amount of work doing to it. Undeniably, the author deserves some credit for putting pen to paper and consequently having the faith in his or her own work to present their writing for public consumption. For that, I award one star. But the story is very poor, and unfortunately the author's immaturity shines through.