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  • The Boy Who Melted on Aug. 09, 2014

    Loved the plot . Here's what I didn't understand: When the fat girl and her boyfriend came in and started asking unconfortable questions... Well, what I found utterly strange about this is that the hero coniders it perfectly OK to just retreat into his room and turn on the computer in order to avoid being "interogated" while three COMPLETE STRANGERS (I mean, seriously, he just met those guys) are left to roam free in his house. I just can't imagine someone thinking this way... But in rest, I really loved this story.
  • Element of Life on Aug. 09, 2014

    WEIRD!!! Here's one single word that can describe the whole story: WEIRD. And I really enjoy weird stories (seriously, this one is the definition of twisted) that actually have a message to promote. I find this really philosophical and entertaining. The part where it compares the human body with a sponge was a total blast; if you think about it, it makes sense (ha ha). Also, I loved the dialogue and found it actually funny in a lot of parts (even where it was not supposed to). About characters I'll have to say that I liked the main character better before his transformation, because after, he was scarier than the opressors (even though he was supposed to be something like an enlightened being or so). All in all, this story managed to get the "yucks" out of me so it gets 5 stars.